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Hi friends!!! Now a day’s life becomes fastest and most busy. Imagine now a days we use many social platform to increase our contacts with the people who use different social contact platform. In which GB WhatsApp is the best ever platform, where we can share our emotions and feelings and sadness on the WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Features

Best feature of WhatsApp is its user friendly interface. We use it to share images, Video and audio WhatsApp status. On the status we can share photos videos and animations.

GB WhatsApp Feature:

WhatsApp use to share photos videos audios and much more if you want more then 100 pictures in WhatsApp then you should use an upgraded version of WhatsApp with is available with the name of GB WhatsApp APK. Just download it and installed to your device there are many extra features in this. There is we can hide our seen status. Use current WhatsApp account. We can set online status. Change the theme all the things are to be discussed in this topic don’t go away don’t miss time please come here if you have not used any time.

Best Ever Features:

WhatsApp give the many features that are regarding to the other brands for apps available in the apps markets life is group Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and much more. WhatsApp modified version with the name of GB WhatsApp APK is very common to use easy to share. Use different fantastic apps in this you can online purchase things sale things. Some of the features are you there auto reply you can board your messages to different groups with features filter messages. Filter messages a great point that provide more satisfaction you can share your live location. Outstanding effects there is more than hundred pictures can be shared on this we can download status is would not need any be type of B software to download the status. GB WhatsApp Apk is use on the present WhatsApp account just you have to uninstall the old WhatsApp and install the new version of GB WhatsApp Apk you can hide your status from anyone and you can visibility share there are notification also on that position that’s

Modern Features of GB WhatsApp:

The modern modified version of WhatsApp is GB WhatsApp that is modified in 2019. There are many many feature in that app. These features make app unique and attract more and more users. Let’s us discussed these features one by one

1. Auto Reply:

This best and biggest feature of this app is you can auto reply and sms reached at your device. This is helpful when you are doing any work and busy and wants to concentrate on you work then turn this feature on. This feature is not available on any social media app till now I have seen

DND (Don’t Disturbed):

Like Auto reply this is another the best ever feature available in the WhatsApp app. With this feature if you are busy like getting online classes then turn this feature on and enjoy no stop working. This app not effect on your working

Text message Broadcast:

Group messaging is another best option for all of us. Instead of send message to one by one you just create a group and just drop a message all person can read and follow the instruction. In this broadcast you can check who is seen and not

Filer Messages:

The best practice is that you can send and receive the messages. The most important feature that is you can held some message and the unnecessary delete them. Use this key feature


All the messages you select as favourite then you can select and get on a single click then read them. Access all the important messages at any time and reply them and share them

Share Live Location:

This is the ever best option provided by GB WhatsApp that a person if in a difficulty to know about where is he then just on a single click he can share the location. On the share the other person can track him and tell him what to do and when to do.

Download best status:

This best ever feature of this app is that you can download any status uploaded by the other members on the WhatsApp status menu. Mostly peoples uses Be-Apps to download the status but in this app blessing that you can just download status on single click


In GB WhatsApp there are not fixed fonts you can use your loved fonts. That can make your life and mode more and more stable. Every users use this app due to unique functionality

Mark the unread messages:

In the single click we can select all the messages as we have seen and read them at all. These all messages are to be shown in the notification that can be easily removed from the notification menu


The most attractive feature of this app is that its support different languages and that help you to get the messages in your own language. You can also use the default language to read all the messages

Pop up Notification:

The super feature that is provided by this app is popup notification this notification appears on the screen when new message is appear. All messages are quite important but you have notification on the screen increases the importance

Resource Required:

When you knew install to your device this app notifies you for requirement of the following resources

Internet Its Require mostly internet 3G or 4G to connect its database and get latest updates
Gallery This app required gallery because all pics and audio video are access and stored in the gallery
File Manager Its required file manager access because mostly files are downloaded in File Manager that are to be accessed before
Location This app as to share the location required the location manager to share the live location
Mic This best resource required to send voice sms is mic with the use of this feature you can send voice Messages so this app required access of mic
Camera This app required access of camera to share live captured status

WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp comparisons:

Feature WhatsApp GB WhatsApp
Theme Changing No Yes
Multi Languages No Yes
Document Sharing 30 100
Media Sharing 15 MB 50 MB
Seen Status Always Yes No
Copying Status No Yes

How to Download GB WhatsApp Apk:

Just upgrade version of your WhatsApp with the name of GB WhatsApp apk then don’t see here and there. Just click on the link and download the GB WhatsApp apk app.

There is another common issue that the most of the people faces that is the installation from external resources as android provide safety to its user then he recommend the only play store installation. If you wants external installation then follow these steps

1. Download Apk

2. Start Installation

3. Allow app from unknown location

    a. Go to security

    b. Unknown Location installation-> Set On

4. Installation Completed

5. Tap to the app and just enjoying the GB WhatsApp Apk

Hill Climb Racing Apk

Hill climb Racing APk

Hill Climb Racing Apk


Hi! friends today we are discussing about most playing arcade game with the name of Hill Climb Racing Apk.

There is the best thing is you drive a car with hurdles. You should have to cover a distance with different cars in which one you have selected the selected car have flipping quality and have slow but you should have to cover the assigned distance there.

You can use different type of coins as an energy but remain in mind the barriers are to be focused in this race

This game have various downloads and get five star rank on the Play Store. The main purpose of this game is to drive a car in hurdles and jumping situation in this game you have to collect coins and the fuel for your drive requires. Provides energy level whereas the fuel provide you to drive because once fuel end your car is stop.

Different Energy Level:

There is an energy of car which is gas and break. In break your car will break that will effect to roll out your car. In the car there are two other factor in which one is its race front drive increases. If sharks are loose then you feel more jumps if sharks are good means to be you will drive fine.

In this the sharks are to be smooth by getting sharks energy by providing some coins have equal values some have low value some have down values device limit start from 1 and 000 the fuel bag is also help to increase the energy and increase timing.

The game him Hill climb racing have many levels but the first two levels of 100 is very easy and its best for the users who are coming first time in this hill climb. The first round is basically for the peoples who are starting this game and it’s a test drive for them.

How to Download and install:

downloading is much easy you can just go on to the play store type Hill climb then select and install the game after some  sometimes. It’s depends on your net speed your game is start installing.After download and install there is an icon of Hill climb racing is place on the desktop or home screen just click and start enjoying the game.

Vahicles in Hill Climb Racing:

There are various type of vehicles that you should have to drive and try to reach the final. In which

  • Jeep
  • Motor cycle
  • Motor Cross bike
  • Monster truck
  • Tractor shipment
  • One wheel quad
  • Tourist bus
  • Racing car
  • Ambulance
  • Fire truck
  • Mobile super Ford

and many more. There is once you have provided a car on the starting after that with playing a big game to collect different kind’s coins. Coin of these kinds increase your money level with increase of money level you can purchase different level of vehicles.

Vehicles are more costly and some are easy to purchase but the thing you have to try Mai best equal to drive smoothly in accounting the hurdles and there is also a slippery surface use break. Break rolls your car in front side and its can roll out and gas can roll your car on the backside. So kept in mind these position before driving.

Scenes in Hilll climb game:

latest discuss about different scene that are to be played background. There are various backgrounds in which snow and there is desert and grassy surface. Desert surface is slippery due to its low ignition this is much difficult to play desert is also a situation where there is grains are difficult into play in deseart.Snow surface this is quite similar to both grassy and land in this that is playing is tough but can increase the value of coins

Coins Colloection:

During driving collect different coins these coins help us to purchase a new car we can update the sharks of the car the can reduce the observance of shocking during the hurdles there are luxury cars and Tractor’s. which week we can purchase during the drive. it is too difficult but with different type of new cars purchases we can make it more perfect


there are more than one maps in whole the game Maps mean tracks. Tracks that we have to follow there are different type of tracks model has have discussed. The distance is depend only tracking level we can unlock more tracks by collecting coins these coins can update depends on rates and help us to make more benefits