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AG Injector APK

About AG Injector APK?You have probably heard of apps that help you buy in-game items for free like Lucky Patcher or Freedoms. However, they are not almighty. These apps are powerless against some games because of the high-security mechanisms from the publisher. Mobile Legends is one of them.

There are various mobile games but Mobile Legends game is growing day by day and its becomes most famous now a days

Although it is a MOBA game that requires balance in gameplay, there are still content that players need to pay with real money to own them. Those are skins for heroes in Mobile legends.

However there are certain features that you would be forced to use your own cash to access them. Features such as the various special skins and masks require more coins and diamonds to purchase. If you have insufficiency of these two items, you can purchase more using actual money.

There are therefore, software that allows you to MOD into Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and unlock these special skins and masks free of charge. Patchers are the best MOD apps and the MOD’s can use them to use the best of the free features. Same as AG Injector is also an MOD software that is to be used for android games app.

What is AG Injector APK?

Some times when we plays games and videos after some time intervel. These apps required some money to unlock the best quality feature. In that time hug amount of money is required to unlock all features. In that time we use Modified tool with that we can watch or play movies free of cast. The AG Injector is that type of app that is use to free games.

When you are watching the best apps or playing games you need some skins or new gadgets then you click on these app and button to download it. After some interval with the use of AG Injector you can download it this is the best free and virus free app with that you can download skins and character for your self.

Some Key features

This blessing for the android users that they can get free of cast AG Injector for them-self free of cast. You just need to install it as a normal application, manipulate a few simple steps and see how impressive it can be. Here are the key app.

Free Mobile Legends skin and ads

With the AG Injector you can access to unlock the skin of all heroes in Mobile Legends. Not only Basic Skin, You will also get and unlock and use the legendary Skin free of cost.

Besides, many developers often insert ads in their applications. This is not bad, but it greatly reduces the user experience. However, AG Injector is different. It absolutely does not contain ads. Users will always feel comfortable using it because you will not be bothered by ads.

Safety and security 

AG Injector is completely safe to use. It can work stably on many devices. Also, we installed and used it on a few devices and used security tools to test it. The result is very good. Users will not have to face viruses or malicious code when using it. Some Patcher software tends to be a scam carrying viruses and malware that are not only capable of distorting your game but harming your device as well. These kinds of apps disrupt the functioning of the game and at times, interfere with device’s functionality.

Besides, users also do not need to login to the account to use AG Injector. Therefore, the application does not collect your information. You won’t lose any in-game data as in the case with some rogue apps. After installing the AG injector you will be able to get the latest premium skins and gadgets that you wants.


AG Injector functions on a one click unlock principal that makes it very easy to unlock the skins you so desire. There are many Injectors through which you would have to preserve a long process before you can actually unlock any of the skin.

Unlocking is very simple for that you need to click on the gadget or skins to unlock then wait for a minute and then get benefits of the free tools. With Click on the skin you can get the free skins

The software will automatically detect the game installed into your device and immediately into it, making special skins available for free.

Easy to Use

AG Injector is free App there is no age limit is required. There is not effect that you are experienced or not of android apps. You are regular user or the new user can use this app. This app provides a simple and clean interface. You just open it and can immediately select the heroes and apply the skins you want right on the main screen. After that, you open the game and enjoy. Everything just happened in a few 100% free

To access any of the special skins, you need coins or diamonds for any of your purchases. At times you would find out that no matter how long you play the game, you are awarded few coins and stingy amount of diamonds.

However these coins and diamonds may not be enough to purchase the desired skins forcing you to buy more using actual cash. Such a trend can be expensive, especially if you are interested in many special skins.

The best feature of AG Injector is that we can get any skin and character free of cast. You don’t need to spend any of your coins or diamonds. You will also save cost on the cash that you would have instead used to purchase more coins. There is no subscription fee nor will you be asked to upgrade to a premium account for easier access. Everything comes free of charge.


We all hate sudden interruptions by a rogue. They tend to interfere to user’s experience and can thus be irritating. However, AG Indicator isn’t infected by any advertisements. All you have to do is open the app and unlock the skins you want.

Simple user-interface

We all expect to walk into the app and unlock the special skills and get to the game. As liked many other app the interface of AG Injector app have no complex interface that need time to moves to start any process.

The AG injector has a very simple interface. All you have to do is open the app and once you click on the menu bar, the list of all special skins appear. As simple as that, just click on the skin you’d like to unlock and the process would immediately start.

Unique Skins

If you’re looking to customize your character you can use the AG Injector to download skins and makes for free. You can then apply these skins to on your character for better in-game experience.

HOW to install AG injector APK on Android?

Installation is pretty easy and everyone can easily understand what going on here.

Download AG Injector Apk

Step1. After Downloading the AG Injector app you need to find the location of AG Injector.

Step2. To find the location, use a file manager app.

Step3. Once you know about where it has been stored, tap on APK file.

Step4. As this app is not available on the play store then we need to download it from the external resources for this to provide resources.

Step5. Find the apk of AG Injector and then select and tap it to install and start installing.

Step6. Open it and allow storage permission.

Step7. Head over to the menu section, there you can able to see the Aneh option.

Step8. Tap on it and then you will get a bunch of skins that you can use right now.

Step9. Select Inject Button and then choose any button.

Step10. It shows a progress bar while injection a piece of code into the mobile legends- Bang Bang.

Open the game and select what you have unlocked here.


  • User have to make sure to install the latest version of mobile legends.
  • The application does not required a device to be rooted.
  • After running the application but you can’t use the skin when opening the game, please close the application and re-open.


Some apps required special features to further play games . Some special apps are easy to play but required online credit. For getting skins charector and app we need hug amount rupees. This is unable to pay by us. For that we are using mod tool. AG Injector is the best mod tool. With AG injector we can download and get premium skins and charector free of cost.


Version Size Requirements Date
2916 - 4.9 20 MB 4.1 22/03/2022
2228 - 1.1 5 MB Android 4.4 plus 24/04/2021

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