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GBWhatsApp Plus APK Official (Download) Latest Version v8.50 (Anti-Ban)

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GBWhatsApp Plus APK

GBWhatsApp Plus APK is the best apps apk that provide us best source of communication we can share files and emotions. As we know the emergence of cellphones brought a huge communication gap into a global village where one can contact with others within a while of seconds. But, the biggest gap of insecurity is still to complete. Do you know what is that? Yes! The privacy of the people.

The need of hour created a solution called as GBWhatsApp, soon got the maximum heights of popularity among mass. But in this article, we are going to disclose another sister application of it which is GBWhatsApp Plus APK. This special app has different features and functionalities, where people can communicate with end-to-end encryption. So, we want you to read this article with details. Besides,GBWhatsApp Plus APK is entirely free of cost and you can use it without the stress of paying extra charges and impress your friends with stunning features of GBWhatsApp Plus APK.

File information:    

File Name                                                              GBWhatsApp Plus APK  

Version                                                                   Latest

Android Requires                                                 5.0+

Size                                                                         52.3 MB

License Type                                                         Freeware

GBWhatsApp Plus APK

It is a sister application of original GBWhatsApp and has same functionality mechanism. This Plus app was developed in 2012 by the original GBWhatsApp team, by changing some of its codes. The original logo of the app was green, but now changed into gold. This app uses end-to-end encryption for communicating messages. You will find every functionality of original App in it.

Is GBWhatsApp Plus APK legal to use?

According to the latest updates from the developer this application is labelled as grey list app, which is neither legal nor illegal. As this application was removed from the Google Play store in past, but now, is available for download and authorities are unclear about its safety. So, the question of legality is still questionable!

How to install GBWhatsApp Plus APK on your Android Phone? 

Here are some simple cake points to install this app;

  1. First of all, download this GBWhatsApp Plus application from your android device by doing a simple click on the given link below.
  2. Now install the downloaded app on your device.
  3. For complete chat backup, you have to open the GBWhatsApp and go to Setting > Chats>Backup.
  4. Now complete your chat backup process.
  5. Next, you have to uninstall the original GBWhatsApp from your device from settings.
  6. Now, install your downloaded GBWhatsApp Plus APK from the phone and let complete some basic steps of installation like confirmation via OTP from the device number.
  7. In the last step, you have to enter your name and now you are ready to enjoy the latest GBWhatsApp Plus APK on your own device.

Features of GBWhatsApp Plus APK

Some distinguishing features are as follow;

Theme facility:

                           This app has more than 700 themes, which are downloaded and arranged by name, date and version by the app itself. You can select any versatile theme or color of the text by yourself without downloading it separately, other app doesn’t allow these features and moreover, the whole app is ready for the Graphics and customization.

Hiding options:

                                                        this app has a very different features of hiding yourself from any person or group that will help you remain safe from the interruption by other contacts.

Advanced file sharing:

                                        The original file has the capacity to share the file up to but 16 MB, But this app allows the sharing up to 50 MB. Moreover, this app provide a facility of file modification up to 50 MB.


              All the unwanted and extra stuff of chats can be deleted through this app too.

Recording Status:

                               GBWhatsApp Plus APK is also designed for another feature that you can hide your recording status from others.


                     This feature is only available on GBWhatsApp Business But, now you can get this feature on the GBWhatsApp Plus APK too and can send a desired auto-reply to your contacts whenever you are busy somewhere else.


                      Everyone loves to set a unique wallpaper and by using this app you can use a wallpaper of your own desires with unlimited themes.

History and Log:

This awesome application also contains a feature called as History and Log, which was not offered by the official GBWhatsApp. In this feature you can record your each and every activity on your account and can recover it any time.

Fonts & Style:

You can also get a variety and versatile Font style can amuse yourself with charismatic writing style.


               By this time, you are not supposed to worry about the short limits of data sharing because GBWhatsApp Plus APK offers the data sharing offer up to HD quality.

Our commitments:  We highly recommend you to use this astonishing application and let the worry take its way.

How to Download GBWhatsap Plus

Step 1: Back up WhatsApp

backup WhatsApp
backup WhatsApp

Before installing GB Whatsapp Plus you need to get a fresh backup of all the apps specially whatsapp. For that, you need other software. And the right software is dr.fone. So, you must download it and install it on your PC.

Step 2: Download and install

Then you need to connect your device with the PC by using a USB cable. There is another the best ever app you need to install in your system is Dr.Phone for the high speed and better backup. This act will start backing up your data. Then you need to wait for the back up to complete. Then Download the GBWhatsApp Plus Apk and install it

GBWhatsapp Plus
GBWhatsapp Plus

Step 3: view back up on PC

GBWhatsapp Plus Apk
How to add phone number in GBWhatsapp Plus Apk

After completion, you need to view back up for confirmation.Step 4: restore back up to WhatsApp plus

The main thing is that how to restore for that you need to click on the restore tab to restore it. This leads to get all data into your app

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