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hi user today we discuss about comic sans fonts for Android smartphone. In this article we will discuss about the colourful fonts that makes our smart phone more and more awesome and something special. We are getting bored by using a single fonts with the use of new fonts the outlook of our smart phone is entirely changed. We can see the smart phone with all the updates. Let’s take a look towards the fonts.

Comic sans font is same as we are to be writing with hand. When sending the screen short of my phone people worries about it that you have written all on it with hand. I tell this is due to new fonts we are using. This is the best ever fonts even if your eye side is week. Helpful for all ages.

Features of comic sans font

1 easy to read

some fonts are to be very difficult to read among them the comic sans font is best for all ages people. There is no age limit every age people can read default easily there is also a good adventure of this what is the fault is used for writing the text message more easily people of all ages can read this formed and there is more chances of getting this point is because some people think you have written with hand but we can say this what is to be written by Android smartphone by using the comics sans font

2. Easy to install

there is very difficulty for the people find styling the false in their smartphone now there is a single apk file which you can install on your smartphone and only single click you can install this phone and use this formed when you need there is no limit of these only small apk file just click on it and automatically start and show you all the required file on it it’s easy to use and send to your user best for all the people who can understand about the fonts and change look and feel of this smartphone

3. Fit on different screen size

this party is also used for difference between patterns and the screen size is you can use this farm easily on your smartphone this is bolt style font which can be read and write easily you can just install and use this phone on your screen this smart is used from 12 picture pixels to 100 pixel size you can customised by minimum maximum to update

4. Install on all smart phones

now there are different versions of Androids are available in the market the main issue is compatibility compatibility means sum is some Android voice is able to use the summer not able to use the fault but this APK of comic science is available for art small phones you can install it on your smartphone from APK level 12 to 22 just single click you can install and enjoy all the best benefits of this part just click and install this on your smartphone and get connected to all the people you want to


Version Size Requirements Date
2916 - 4.9 20 MB 4.1 22/03/2022
2228 - 1.1 5 MB Android 4.4 plus 24/04/2021