Top 12 Movie Apps For Android Like Showbox

Top 12 Movie Apps For Android Like Showbox

As we all know that there is an app in movies. That get ranked in android app. Most of the peoples search for that app. Every movies and drama lovers are using this app. Due to some issue this app is windup. Now everyone is woundering here and there in the search of best movies app. The app we are discussing is Showbox movies app.

Top 12 Movie Apps For Android Like Showbox
Top 12 Movie Apps For Android Like Showbox

Showbox is famous due its unique features like top drama movies and cartoons are available on it. This app have gain 300 Million traffic per month. Now ever app developer is following that app. In few years this app get a hug audiences and make this an icon for all apps. Due to sudden closing of this app there are various alternatives of this app lets discuss about all one by one

The Top Best Free Movie Apps For Android Like Showbox In 2020

1. Netflix

2. Channel 4 (All 4)

3. Tea TV

4. Google Play Movies & TV

5. Disney+

6. Sony Crackle

7. Tubi TV

8. Vudu

9. Hoopla

10. Movies Anywhere

11. Kodi

12. Cinema Box

Download Latest Showbox Apk
Download Latest Showbox Apk

Showbox Alternatives in details:


Now a days clear picture and voice in this app. Using this app we can get live stream of movies songs and drama’s. This is fully paid app. This app provided services to all over the world and millions of user’s of this app. Peoples of all ages are lover of this app. This app is now like a famous girl ever person is wel known of this app. This app provides the live streaming of 3D 2D cartoons, Songs, Movies, Drama’s, Cartoons shows, Animations, Docomentories and all. This is the first app in which we can watch the best documentaries and movies in every region language.

Channel 4

This is also known as 4oD, in this app all broadcasting is in the HD format and we can adjust the streaming resolution according to our net speed. This provides on demand streaming

This app interface is easy to use. Due this easy to use ever person can set its streaming occording to his region. Its mostly working on the Geo Nevigation as its provides drama movies and other religious programmes according to location. This is unique feature among the other apps.

This app have a lot of services like TV shows Movies dramas and all the things that a person demonds. Its quality of service is only available in the UK due this is the biggest drawback of this app.

Tea Tv

Are are search latest movies in the HD formate on your mobile screen? If yes then Tea Tv is available here. In this app you can get the latest movies Tv shows and cartoons for kids free of cast. This app is a cross compatibility like if you wants this app in Apple or windows then you can get this app free of cast. Some services are to be premium but you can get free. After using this app you can forget Netflix and Showbox app

Google play Movies Tv

As google is advance in the teachnology then its not wants to go back to the app market. Google have the best benefit that its provides you an HD movies on demond. There is another best thing is that its connected with our gmail account. All video’s are to be paid. If you wants other movies free of cast then you can choose free apps.

Disney Plus

Another the best live streaming app is Disney Plus app. This provides on-demand streaming. You can now get alote of HD movies and drama’s on you device screen. Here are also series of drama’s and seasons movies available in this app. This best service among other app is you can download unlimited times any darama or movies. This App comes from the biggest straming namesin the Walt Disney Studio and Walt Disney Television. Some Brands of that apps are Disney, Marvel,Star Wars, Pixar, National Geographic and 20th Century fox

Sony Crackle

Sony Entertainment presents online movies and dramas streaming app. This app is freely available on the play store. This means that this is most trusted app. The beauty of this app is that this app provides free of cost movies streaming and easy to use but the question is from where is this app earning? This question answer that for marketing and advertisement

Different production houses also provides them streaming services and some are their partners. As like play store there is another best option that is you can watch live streaming or get it offline.

Tubi Tv

Another the best Tv app is Tubi Tv app. This is the free streaming tv app available on the Play store. There are millions of TV shows and drama’s available on this app which is very difficult to find any where

As different app offer there service with subscribe their expensive services this app is free from subscription charges. No hidden charges are need to pay. There is another option that is liked by me is its available in Korean Drama series in it. Besides this there is all movies TV shows Kids cartoon’s and animations available in this app.

MediaBox HD

Mediabox HD is android movies streaming app. This app also contains numbers of Movies that we wants. There is also free of cast all types of drama’s are available. Tomarow I am searching Turkish darama Aurtugral I have fund in this app. After finding this darama the value of this app is rised in front of me. Some time when I liked to watch online Live HD TV shows or Movies then I an choosing this app. Peoples of all ages can get banafits from that app. Childs can see cartoon. House wife can see the darama. The other person can watch occording to their needs. This app is much and much better then showbox


Hoopla is some thing unique and best application among the others. This is the only app that works on the card. Upon which movies are downloaded and then easy to watch this beauty of app or you can says the drawback. This app can be used on the android, Android Tv box, Choromecast. The side effect is only about the support od card.

Movies Anywhere

Now movies watching is to much easy and we can watch anywhere. This app gives us permission to signin using google, Vudu, amazon prime video. Xfinity or any other account.

These source help us to purchase movies and then its easy to watch on movies every where. Some time there is promotion on the sales of movies then we can purchase any movies and watch them. This is the only movies app hat requires 4K support with which we can play movies