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Google Camera is the best ever app for all the people who wants to make beautiful and handsome pics for his love one’s. There are different apps design by google to attract audiences and enhance the beauty of camera. There are different android apps launched by google but the google camera captured more and more audiences. So There is you just need only android version 10 for this app. Among preinstalled apps like YouTube, Facebook and WhatsApp this app also get listed in that apps.

Built in android camera contains only 2 to 3 modes and in the google camera app you can find more than 5 five modes to make your photo more and more awesome and charming to attract you love one’s.

All the modes helps out you to make your image more and more attractive and viewable. People of all ages and gender can use this app freely. The most used modes of this app is as Video Mode, Panorama Mode, Regular Camera Mode, Photosphere Mode, Portrait Mode now there is another mode make all the effects more and more attractive is Lens Blur Mode. Now you need not worried about how to change the mode and shift to the next mode. There is just need to swipe left and you can get list of all mode and select anyone which you wants to use. There is an important feature in this app is just swipe left and get view about the most recent captured pic.

Quality Features of Google Camera Apk

There are the following quality features of google camera Apk


You can zoom in or out the camera to focus any picture which you wants to capture. There is no need to worried about how to zoom in or out just drag in or outside the screen to zoom in or out to watch the focused picture

Flash Light

There is another best quality of google camera to use the flash camera. With flash camera there is only screen get white and your skin glow and that time camera get the desired photo which you wants to take. There is some smart phones contain the front light and some not in that case there is just bright white screen with which you can get the glow shade.


This is another feature in the google camera in which you can get rays of the images moving. Just need to still the camera. With the movements of cars and other light you can find the lightening with which you can capture them at all


Among many camera apps you can get the full HD picture using this features. There is the same result as the DSLR taken image. Now There is clear sharp and bright image captured in this mode. There is all images are to be in the compressed mode.

AR Filter

Like snapchat and many other apps there is an AR virtual frames are to be available. Just click on them and get beautiful and attractive images for you. Now there is more and more modes are available

Location Tag

This feature is available in the all apps but in the google camera photos are to be saved on google drive by which there is all locations to be tagged. Just click and view all the images which you wants to watch for any location like from Chicago all photo of united state city. There is all photos from different streets are available for you.

Blur Images

There is another the best and most wanted feature in the google camera is the image blur. Blur the image which you wants to blur just capture and the camera automatically select the object and remaining blur it.

Long Press Mode

There is no need to start the video just click long on the capture button this will start recording video until you release the button of camera. On the single click you can get only picture for you and this is an ultimate beauty of google camera app.

Multi Lens

There is more different lens are to be available to make your photo more and more awesome for you just click any lens and get the desired image which you wants for you.

Multi Shades

There is different colour and shades are to be available for the user just click and get the desire shade which you wants to get. Some time we wants to get black and which phot for me then I choose the black and white mode with which there is I can get the old style photo. Same as when we need blue shade the click and get the blue shade photo.

How to Install Google Camera apk

  1. First of Load best apps apk
  2. Search Google Camera Apk
  3. Click on the download app
  4. Click on the download apk
  5. Now download app
  6. Now Allow your smart phone for external install
  7. Now click on install button
  8. Click on next next button
  9. Click on finish
  10. Find the app logo
  11. Now click to use it


Google Camera app make the human life more and more easy you no need to go to the photo studio just capture your image and start it. There is all the best effects are to be available for all the users. There is no age limit just download it and use it. I always use this app and this app is best eve app for all the users.


Version Size Requirements Date
2916 - 4.9 20 MB 4.1 22/03/2022
2228 - 1.1 5 MB Android 4.4 plus 24/04/2021

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