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CSR Racing 2 – The next chapter of the drag racing game, now with AR mode!
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NaturalMotionGames Ltd
February 23, 2021
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In CSR Racing 2 version 2.18.2 you have free games for mobile devices. Whether you are passionate about speed or passionate about racing, this is the perfect sport for you! Because the game allows you to fulfill your dream, get the car of your choice and join the race to win. This is your chance to become a racing champion. The game is very popular on Android OS and is great to download due to its attraction. As a version of Natural Motion Games Limited, CSR Racing 2 is a successful manufacturer’s product, as well as other popular products such as Star Wars: Commander, Clemy Ninja, and Tights of Draw is an epic time strategy game. Currently, the latest version of the game is 2.18.1, which was updated on February 23, 2021. The game promises players to enjoy it to the fullest. For more information on this please join this article!

Introduction of CSR2 Racing Game

This is a racing game. This would be a great option for people who play games or are interested in cars. Joining the game means that players have the right to control the super car at terrifying speeds. Due to its special features, such as the ability to find and challenge players, it is considered a heavier item than other sports in the same category. Players can easily navigate the game play because it has special detailed instructions on the screen. So, if you are playing for the first time, it is not difficult for you to spend more time.
It can be said that CSR Racing 2 is a beautiful racing world as you can choose from many types of cars. You will need to work on some games to produce standard game results. This is to upgrade the power of your car and defeat all opponents. The game has its own design and drama and at the same time the player is enjoying real life emotions. If you win the race you will get a unique prize.

How to User play CSR2 play games

First, you need to choose the car of your choice so that it can be with you. From race to race, many cars can be chosen. CSR2 gives you more than 200 base cars worldwide, including Stan Martin, Ferrari, Porsche, Bugatti, McLaren, Lamborghini, Koenigsegg and Pagani. Each car has different features and benefits that you can choose according to your preferences and needs. You can use AR mode to see where you want to be. After that, you can customize your life to the best of your ability and take your car to new heights. After that, you need to upgrade the car and defeat the enemy. The car is a very important and necessary thing for a sports race. Its engine determines the success or failure of the component. So, to speed it up, to improve its engine, you have to take care of everything from small parts to hard parts. You can choose the paint color, code, tire, or brake caliper to refresh or change the right setting for the car. . You can also earn money by buying parts in different ways, such as trying to improve your methods and beating racing challenges to get bonuses. You can choose the desk and license plates of your choice to personalize the car and make it a unique point. Depending on the level of the vehicle, how strong you can make it. The more they are, the faster the car will drive. The higher the level, the faster the car will drive. Difficult cars are a condition for players to win easily.

The Players Fighting

The game has a special story line that brings the drama together and inspires the race. Which has been preparing peer-to-peer races among athletes in the city since Monday. Players will compete with experienced riders at lightning speed. However, do not be discouraged by this challenge! If you actively pursue great tactics, you have a chance to defeat your opponent. And, of course, the reward is waiting for you. The track of each match is wonderfully crafted with great characters. You can use deception or professional means to defeat the top teams racing in the city. Or win a free gift for your trip. Race against competition is always a temporary competition. For players, it reflects every channel, every handle bar, driving style and vehicle stability. Additionally, you can own a McLaren F1 Super by retrieving some popular cars. Or you can be sure who the best driver for racing is. From there, you have the right to compete with any regional leader. If you beat them three times, you will get a chance to take their car.


This is a completely free game. This is the first special thing the player chooses. Although it is free, the game is more special than other such games due to the CSR2 format. This feature gives players a real-life experience that can give your car a real-life experience. This is possible with all games, so it adds a special mark to the game and its unique features. In addition to free games, the game produces items that players can buy with real money. But you won’t be forced to buy it, and you can close the transaction if you don’t want to worry.
One thing in particular that grabs the attention of graphics players. The graphics are really commendable as it is designed to be eye-catching according to the nature of the game. Also, get a modern look in the second version. Unlimited money, unlimited fuel, keys. With this feature, you can buy the latest cars without worrying about the price. At the same time, it’s free to walk on the road without the hassle of driving.

If you want to be CSR Racing 2 or City Champion Racer, don’t hesitate to click on the game installed on your phone! I wish you a moment of beautiful fun!

What's new

This update includes:
• Bug fixes and improvements


Version Size Requirements Date
2916 - 4.9 20 MB 4.1 22/03/2022
2228 - 1.1 5 MB Android 4.4 plus 24/04/2021



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