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BeeTV Apk 2.9.5

beeTv App APk 2.4.6
Download Latest and best tv app apk beetv app apk

Are you spending money for getting live Views of different TV channels? With the BeeTV Apk you can get live streeming free of cast. Are you thinking about the best TV app. Don’t wait just download BeeTV apk app. On a single Click and get download the super doper ever live Watching app like BeeTv app.

BeeTv Apk offers the latest and updated TV Shows Music Concerts and other entertainment.

Different type of tv apps are available for the live TV shows like Showbox app, Titanium app, aos app,OLA tv and Relax Tv app why we choose BeeTV app. The answer is much easy as 123 its easy to use users interface make it more attractive and downloadable then other apps available in the market

As BeeTv provide live High quality views then its best for watching the live views of motion picture. Developer of BeeTv in an interview says that this app is best for watching live views of online Motion pictures. There is all resolution picture movies are available we can see and watch according to our internet bandwidth and requirement’s.

BeeTv Apk specification:

NameBeeTV App
File Size20 MB
Android Version4.0.2 or Up
Release Date1 Jun 2021

TV Shows:

BeetTv Offer various tv series in the high quality. Without doing any wait and any charges you can get the latest tv shows on the views. There are all tv shows available in this app. In BeeTV various TV shows available the high quality is blessing for us. BeeTV offers to the family members that they can watch TV shows in the gathering. BeeTv app is best tv app. BeeTv users can get updates about latest movies and TV shows on air time.

High Quality Tv Views

As there is live Views is available. There is all channels are free of cast. BeeTv provides live Views in high quality. High quality means we can also watch these shows in the big screen. This becomes much best as when there is no still and we are watching live views. Then don’t wait just download and install BeeTv on you mobile

HD Movies:

As there are all movies are available on this app. You can watch the live movies. All movies are free of cast. You can watch and download the high quality movies free of cast. Millions of movies are available on the BeeTv app and all are available in different qualities. You can watch live views of movies according to your internet quality and bandwidth. This app BeeTv provides views in 4k views. Users can also view the live views of dramas in low band width like 144 px. Due to low signals there is both modes are available in low and high then the BeeTv app is best for all the internet connections.

Watch list

Bookmarks list or Special list means all the movies list that you have watched and wants to watching again with your family. There is all movies are to be displayed like which movie is seen at which time and how many time the favourite movie is seen. We also think about if a movie is seen at half. And due to any important work we can resume the movie at any time.


In BeeTv app we can see that how many movies are to be in the same collection. We can arraing our collection according to our needs. Like we wants funny movies then we can select any funny movie from the list. Not only funny movies we can also try the romantic movies and also most science fiction movies

Feature of BeeTv Apk

There are following feature of BeeTv

  1. Easy To Use
  2. Easy to Download and install
  3. Motion Pictures in HD Quality
  4. Prime Time TV shows availability
  5. HD Movies availability
  6. No Ads
  7. Can be View at android Tv, Firestick, Fire Tv

BeeTv Apk Download link

Download Latest BeeTV App App Version 2.4.6

How to download Latest BeeTv App

  1. Just Click on the above link
  2. Download it
  3. Then Install it
  4. Click and allow to install from external resources
  5. After download select any player
  6. Now give access to you files system if you wants to share any videos
  7. Now you can search and watch live TV and Movies

FAQ’s About BeeTv Apk

Qusetion: Is BeeTv app is safe for children’s?

Answer: Yes BeeTv is safe for the children of age<13 years

Question: Is BeeTv is safe is introduce?

Answer: Yes! BeeTv have no porn contacts and easy to share to anyone

Question: Is BeeTv app is getting our secrets like Contact’s messages and images?

Answer: No its safe and it safe until you are not sharing any data

Question: Is BeeTv is available at any country like some have disable apps?

Answer: As we have developed this app for general use then there is no Prohibition

BeeTV App App Views


Version Size Requirements Date
2916 - 4.9 20 MB 4.1 22/03/2022
2228 - 1.1 5 MB Android 4.4 plus 24/04/2021

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