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Live NetTV Apk Version 4.8

Best Apps Apk offer all-time best offer for the Live NetTv apk provides full time entertainment
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Best Apps Apk offer all-time best offer for the Live NetTv apk provides full time entertainment. Now not only entertainment you can also get sports channels. All gender age  and category people can get entertain with this smart app. There is now more than nineteen different languages channels online for valuable users is available. You can access it and watch them at any time just tap and watch. Some famous television are to be part of this app like sports, cartoon, Films, Entertainment, News, Movies, Documentaries, Religious and the daily updates on day to day life. Some time you wants all these categories free of cast then the Live NetTv Apk is best option for you. There is all no one and valuable channels are available for you. Just click and download this app.

Some Qualitative features of Live NetTv Apk

As this app is free all audience are to be getting light this app. So to discuss the best ever quality features of this app one by one as under below

HD Streaming

All peoples like app that having high definition streaming which save eyes as well as attract the other peoples to watch live channels. There is 4k supported channels on this app is available which can be seen on 780, 1080 and 4k screen. Some time when we watch the live news on the fire stick then there is low quality videos feeling is coming. To avoid this live NetTv apk provides 4k Stream with which you can watch channels in High resolution.

Update Daily

As there is hackers and other people’s daily hacks and develop new apps. Due to their interest there is hacking attempts are to be founded. Not only are this there is live streaming links updated due to which there is interrupt is founded to avoid this. Developers of Live NetTv apk check the app daily and update it. This is the quality service provided by the Live NetTv apk developers. There is 24/7 services offered by the Live NetTv apk

No Subscription

As this app is free for all the peoples then no need to get subscription for you. There is no need to spend a single coin for this app. Users are need to download this app and get connected with this app. There is more than 1 million users of this app. Not only android phone users are using this app but also the fire stick peoples are using this app. There is very light weight of this app. No processor of smart phone is heated.

Favorite List

Live NetTv offers you an option of fast click in the favourite. There is a singles short cut is created in the list. You not have need to search the channel again and again. Just click on the favourite and click on the favourite channel. Start watching you’re the best ever tv channels. All channels are free but there is difficult that to spend time for searching the most likely channels. All the peoples wants to get the free service but not wants to waste time for searching

Media Player Choice

There is the best ever chance for you is the selection of media players for you. Live NetTv provides you the option for choosing the media player for you. This is not only the best feature that supports your android device to get relaxed. There is option for you which media player you wants to stream your favourite channels. Some Media players are given below

MX Player

Mx player is the best ever player with which you can get live streaming of your app. There is quick to connect option is available for you. There is all of the option like the best channels saves in favourite is available. You can watch live streaming on this app.

Android Player

This is the built in player available for the users by android. There is all the features are free for the users. The users can use this only for playing the video. Just click and watch the live video on your smart phone.

VLC Player

There is another excited and user friendly player is VLC player. This is the free and best features are available in this app. There is not only android but also the desktop players are to be available. You can watch and play all the videos on your smart phone with different extensions.

KM Player

This is the best player to play online streaming on your smart phone. There is all channels live streaming is played on this player.

Chrome Cast Supported

There is a google device with which you can watch live screen display on your app. With this there is same screen is available on your nearby LCD. Just click and watch the best ever tv channel on you LCD or projector screen.


There is if any update is available then you can get notification about this. With this there is any error or any update in the version you can watch. This is the best ever feature supported by live net tv apk. This is the Live Net Tv Apk unique feature. With this new channel addition and removal is to be observed.

User Friendly

If any app is not users friendly then it difficult for them to grow. There is user can choose the best and his likely news or entertainment channel to watch. This feature grow the audiences day by day.


Version Size Requirements Date
2228 - 1.1 5 MB Android 4.4 plus 24/04/2021

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