web statistics OreoTv APP Version 1.8.4 Download Latest Version- 2020

OreoTv APP Version 1.8.4 Download Latest Version- 2020

Oreo TV Apk 1.8.4 Download APK
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Now a day’s many online tv apps are to be developed. Dow you want free online TV streaming. Then just download Oreo TV app. This is the best app. Ore Tv App offers HD streaming for its user of online live tv shows and movies and much more videos. Some devices may or may not sorts live tv streaming the oreo Tv app sports live TV streaming. Oreo TV offers HD video streaming. There is a lot of videos are available. These videos cannot bore anyone. There is dual mode of action that is you can download and can also watch online. As we have discuss that with dual mode of vision if internet is not available then we can watch movies offline.

What is Oreo TV App?

Oreo TV APP is an android app. The user can watch the live news, Watch tv, Movies, shows and series of online movies. As now a days peoples of India are developing their own apps. This is the app developed by the peoples of India for their peoples. For this reason this app contains mostly contents for the peoples of India. There is even international channel available but these are limited. For international users that wants the international channels we recommends you to download TV Tap Pro APP for android and fire stick, There are various other channel available like Media Box Hd app for live streaming  we can also watch live drams on Live net TV app

Version info

NameOreo TV
Size5 MB
Last UpdatedJuly 19 2020

As this is the perfect app for the movies lover then the peoples demand the quality features. We can discuss all the quality features as bellow:

Quality Features:

Movies and Tv Shows free:

There are various app available in the market but they wants subscription before start of app. Every person cannot pay for that. So that every person wants free of cast apps for them self. In that time Oreo TV App help them. This app requires no services charges you can watch all movies and TV shows free of cast. Peoples of all ages can get the maximum benefits of this app. With clear voice and 4K graphics this app is perfect for their smart users.

Videos in Categories:

All types of videos that we want have complete categories. There no any channel is present in the other category. Like if a person wants to watch live sports then he clicks on the sports category and get the list of all sports channels. There is also a best and time saving method that everything is in the form of category. TV shows are available in the tv shows category. The house wife’s can click on the tv show and get the latest tv shows. Sometime new movies are watched by everyone most of the peoples are watching for online free movies. In that time they select the Movies and get the latest movies

List of Favorite channels:

Some time we are watching tv shows and we liked that this channel is on a single click findable. For that we can place them in the favorite channel list with that we can clicks on the list and get the particular channel easily this is easy to use feature of this app.

Internal video player support:

Some time there is voice issue and sometimes there is sound issue this is due to the player is not supporting. The Oreo Tv have the best ever feature that is the support of internal media support with that we can get high definition and clear voice video. This Ultra HD and 4K videos are to be available in this app. There is another option that is the notification about upcoming TV shows and Sports events. We can also adjust the brightness and the volume of the video. We can also set the resolution of the video according to the bandwidth of our internet connection.

New Specialties:

In the android app market this is the only app that provides multi functions like the dark mode, PIP option, There is another option that is the availability of new and the latest TV shows list. Just on a single click we can view and set all the new favorites.

How to download Oreo TV App

Downloading of Oreo TV app is very simple and easy to use. This app is freely available on android play store and you can download it on our site. Without any charges and cost. Just click on the app and download it

Download Oreo TV App 1.8.4

Different Channels in the Oreo Tv App

There are the following channels played in this amazing and the beautiful app

Singam Tv

Star premium

Sports Premium


Velvet Movies



Z Chanels


Sunshine shows





Jolly Movies

How to install Oreo Tv app

Instalation is very easy just follow the folllowing steps

  1. Download the app just by clicking the download button
  2. find the location where the app is downloaded
  3. now click on the app to start to install the download
  4. If you have not allow to install form external resources then allow it
  5. Now app is installed
  6. Start playing app


Version Size Requirements Date
2916 - 4.9 20 MB 4.1 22/03/2022
2228 - 1.1 5 MB Android 4.4 plus 24/04/2021

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