web statistics PowerDirector Premium APP Version 7.0.0 Download - 2020

PowerDirector Premium APP Version 7.0.0 Download – 2020

PowerDirector Premium APK 7.0.0
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PowerDirector premium app is an elite class software. PowerDirector offers the HD quality best videos without of ads on it. The PowerDirector app providing no water marks in developed videos. YouTube channel requires the HD videos formate for online streaming PowerDirector is the best software. Download PowerDirector Premium app from our website and run the video modification on it.

There are all mod versions of this apps available on our app store just in single click download it. All premium features that everyone wants without paying is available.

Sometimes we are making a script for our YouTube or Facebook pages. We are spending numbers of hours for doing that. Not only hours spends but also there is wastage of electricity and energy is also. In that time we need a software that takes no time and gives us an HD results. These all effects requires experiences we have no expertise on any software by just click and make us can make a best video. Just download and start your video direction.

As every person wants video with animation and creativity. To attract more and more viewers we need various software’s like Adobe products and many more. At that time just go down and download PowerDirector Premium software. After editing videos we can share them on YouTube and Facebook to get more and more audiences. The best feature is on script animation that attract most of the views to view the videos my software contains that feature.

With all the features like quality video editing and saving time no need of special skills have increased the demand of the video mixing software. You are on the best place then no need to wait just download it.

What is PowerDirctor Premium App?

A specialized android software with that we need no skills just on click create a wonderful video for our general and specialized audiences. Videos are created from the pictures or raw facts that we wants to show in our video. This is very general but best to use software to makes videos for our peoples. All the other features are available but in paid versions of other software’s.

As this is premium software having free of cast. There is no need to pay on the other hand you have to just download it and with that there is no water mark on your videos. Not only that you can get special features after downloading it.

NamePowerDirector Pro
Software Size60 MB’s
DeveloperCyber link Corporation
Last UpdatedJuly , 12 ,2020

Download PowerDirector Premium APP Latest Version for android

You can download from the play Store. Note basic version is limited means having some features. You need premium APP if you wants standard editing . Just update your software and get the benefits of premium app.

In the premium app all features like video effects and video without water mark is free of cast. For getting all these feature just update your app to premium. But premium app is not free of cast you need to pay for it for that get the latest app free of cast from our website. Just click on the button download the premium software on a single click.

Download PowerDirector Premium APP 7.0.0

Quality Features

No Water Mark

Some time we play any video we find written small or big on the screen like InShot or Woundershare this is called the water mark. If you wants any video without that water mark then download the PowerDirector. This is the best feature that the video is edited without water mark. Whereas the basic feature that available on the play store is free of cast. If you need special features then download the premium App.

Premium effects

Some times we watch a picture that is coming from one corner and the other is coming to zoom out that type of picture called the effects. In any video effects make it more and more attractive and give attention to the user. With that effects we can get hug audiences on the video. All type of effects are paid in the basic app. With the mod app you can unlock them. The Modified premium app have all the features free of cast.

4K video Support

Peoples of all ages wants clear pictures without any dot on it. This is the basic feature of PowerDirector Premium app. With the premium app you can get the HD Video’s then use them in the Facebook and Whatsapp pages to tell the peoples about your stories

You can export video in the 4K video format. 4K videos are to be clear and like that person is near to me. Different peoples have researched that Peoples of different age’s demands 4K videos. With the 4K Videos audience number is rise.

No Ads

Sometimes we are watching video on the youtube some splash videos are played on our screen before main event. This video is known as the Ads. This premium mod app is free of cast there is not adds on the videos. You can make video without watching any ads

Pan and zoom

Pan effect is same ass when we wants to focus on any point step by step. We just past a photo the select the video upon which we wants to zoom in then paly it. After the animation end we see the zoom out video. This is the best ever feature freely available in this software. This effect attract more peoples and increase the download size of this app.

Supports Multiple Layers

PowerDirector mod app is available which supports multiples layers. Multiple Layers means we can customize and get any layer first and then the other on the second. With this feature video making becomes more simple and easy. Sometimes we are walking in the desert but wants to show walking in the snow this is possible with the use of multiple layers. On the other hand we are in the room but wants to show in the park then can use this effect

Tutorials and tips

As I am new to using this software. At this step software is difficult for me to use it. On the start of first time use I have seen a step by step animation that help me to make an effective video. Sometime during video I have to be stopped because I not knew about the exact features then worried about this. At that time I can see videos tutorial to get out from it. Some FAQ’s also helpful for me to make the accurate use of this software.

How to Install PowerDirector Premium APP:

Download and install is very simple just follow these steps

  1. Download the APP from the above video download link
  2. Save the APP file to file Manager
  3. Now find the APP File
  4. Click on the file and then start installing
  5. If you have not allowed device to download from external resources then allow your device
  6. Now hit on the install button
  7. App Installed
  8. Find the PowerDirector Premium APP
  9. Open it
  10. Allow it to access the internal storage
  11. Now unlock all the quality features
  12. Start making Video
  13. Now export video without Water Mark

Your Video is ready

Final Words

PowerDirector Premium APP is the free of cast video making software without any cast and you can download it and install it. This is a pro version app available free of cast for everyone. Once download it and then get the benefits of amazing effects of that app free of cast


Version Size Requirements Date
2916 - 4.9 20 MB 4.1 22/03/2022
2228 - 1.1 5 MB Android 4.4 plus 24/04/2021

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