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Now a day watching live sports becomes much easier then any other sources just download RTS Tv Apk and start watching live tv for you from Best Apps Apk. There is all content is free of cast for the users you need to just download and install. There is now the free live match of IPL is for you. There is no need to worried about electric issues and the tv in your room. Every thing is in your hand just click and start the match. All content is free for you. This is the best and mod app for you. There are plenty of channels for you to watch live cricket matches.

For more thrill and enjoyment your mobile phones now offer you to enjoy all the events. There is all content is free for you. There are million of apps are available for you. You need to pay for some apps and some are totally free. In the paid app you are unable to pay all amount. There is you need to pay before watching any video and tv shows.

RTS Tv offer all cricket match live to its quality users free for all, There is you no need to pay. There is all sports events of country and international covered ball to ball coverage offer.

Whats new in RTS Tv Apk

Sports is a wide world and there are many other games to be included. You need to think about which category of sports do you wants. Like Cricket, Football, Table Tennis, Squash, Volleyball, Baseball and much more category in sports are to be covered. Sports means any activity for which you move your whole body to move the energy. If you wants all categories in you fist then RTS Tv is the best app for you to download and watch all matches free for you. There is different quality of picture streams are available for you. With this you can choose any one which you wants to watch just click on the option and set according to your demand.

There is not only sports is available a complete package of entertainment is available in this app. There is music and thrill is available in this app. You need to select any category which you wants to watch for you.

Features of RTS Tv Apk

As this is amazing app for all the sports lovers and fans then its time to discuss all the best ever feature of this app with which you can explore all the best options available in this app for you just read all the feature and get connected to our website

Free Contents

There is all and everything available in this app is free of cast. Now you no need to pay a single coin to watch the latest match. There is no monthly charges and no yearly or no monthly this is free for you and all content is free for you. There is more then 100+ plus channels are available for the users free of cast. There is not sports but all the entertainment channels are freely available for you 24/7 through out the year.

Play on Smart Tv

This app have a great feature you can use this app on the smart tv. This app is compatible to all device in which android is install. just install this app and get all feature of this app free of cast for you.

Latest Movies

There is now new movies available on this app. If you are movies lover and wants to watch latest movies on ever weekend with your friends and family then this movies supports you to make the event more fun and enjoyable for you. There is more then 100 plus movies are available for you.

Sub titles

As this is an international level app there is all content is fully designed for international purposes. This app offer for forner and opportunity of sub title in which he can select any language in which he can translate the voice and this is best for getting theme of the movies. Not only movies there is also the live match Sub titles is available by which there is number of audience from country as we as external world is enhanced.


There is all channels of different specialty like kids old young and elder is available. There is all channels are to be differentiated by the category. You can search any category and then find the channels which you wants to watch this is the best option available in this app over the other apps available in the internet.


Version Size Requirements Date
2916 - 4.9 20 MB 4.1 22/03/2022
2228 - 1.1 5 MB Android 4.4 plus 24/04/2021

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