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Yandex Music plus App apk is an android application which best satisfy the audio music needs of its users. The developer of this music app basically belongs to Russia. This app is being developed by keeping in view the needs of Russians Android users. That’s why it can be adjusted in Russian language as well as in English language globally.

The developer considers the music requirements and needs of Russian. While developing this app, so the Russians can also use images in this. Yandex Music plus apk provides a very user-friendly interface and comparatively to very famous applications. Its design is very simple and easy to use as well as per the user’s requirements.

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
    1. Version Info
  • Yandex Music plus Features
  • Downloading and Installation of this mod Apk
  • Recommendations for installation of this Apk
    • Link for Downloading of Yandex Music plus Apk


          Globally, if you look at glance, all the applications are being sorted and viewed like Spotify. All the time the users get them installed. He may interface many differences later. Such as the wallpapers, themes and different options may be kept or stored at difference places.

          But the users who loves to listen music and enjoy it. What he has to do is only add the music of his favorite selection in the app. Let the music play and just do enjoy the listening. But along with listening music an intelligent and regular user of app can also hunt and discover the new features of Yandex Music plus apk that may be kept hidden by the developer.

  1. Version Info

App Name           Yandex Music plus mod Apk

Developer                     Yandex

Size                               13 MB

Version                         2020.08.2

Last Update                  Aug 12, 2020

Yandex Music plus Mod Apk Features

Just to help the readers of this article. I have explained all the features or main characteristics of Yandex Music plus mod App as below:

The first and foremost thing is Yandex Music plus mod Apk developer updates the new & interesting things in it. Time to time as per the global requirements of the users.

Yandex Music plus mod Apk includes the tracks & playlist about in millions.

Yandex Music plus mod Apk allows its android user to made playlist selection. Of their own choice relevant to any occasions.

Yandex Music plus mod Apk includes the most latest and new music albums.

This App users receives recommended music personally on daily basis.

Important Features of Yandex App

In mod App audio sound quality is HQ.

In mod Apk grants access to its users to create the playlist of their favorite tracks. Along with making its sharing possible also.

This mod App users have an option to play their favorite music tracks. Without the availability of internet connection as well as with internet connection.

With mod App uses also enjoys listening of Radio as and when they wish to listen.

Now in mod App the users can use their own. Smart playlist by taking benefit of free music available for few hours.

In this mod App always improves the playlists automatically as per the user’s choice.

WIth in this mod App provides the users a very massive music library. That includes millions of tracks such as Classical, Jazz, Rap, Rock, R & B, Pop, electronic etc.

In this mod App has different or mix of most famous collections of songs. Such as the tracks or title songs of TV series, some classical songs that may be listened during studies. Some collections of 80’s or 90’s tracks for relaxing of your mind. After a tough and tiring routine or work out, Russian rap available freely online.

With this mod App uses can also add tracks of their choice into their selected playlists right from the player.

This App also enables its users to mark their favorite singers in order to get notification of their new released tracks.

In this mod App users can also download their favorite songs or tracks into their smartphone for later listening when they will be offline.

This mod App users can use this app free without zero charges for their first month subscription.

Downloading and Installation of Yandex Music plus Apk

For the convenience of the readers of my article I am going to mention below the steps, how the each individual can download and install the Music mod App at his android device or smart phone:-


just visit our website to find the mod of App to download.


click the download link given in the site, and let the file be downloaded.


just go to the settings of your devices, then open the security settings, after that allow the installation from unknown resources or enable it.


just open the file manager of your smartphone, then click on the downloads folder, select the downloaded file, click on the installation button and let it be installed.


After getting the complete installation, just set up your account and enjoy the listening of music free for first one month.

Recommendations for installation of Yandex Music plus Apk:

After reading my complete article, I hope you will be able to better understand that, how this app is useful to providing you entertainment as per your mood swings, in the hours in which you get fed up or bored from your day work or in the moments when you feel overwhelmed. This App provided features are unique in nature and also provides the users full entertainment.

Steps For Installation:

Yandex Music plus Apk enables its users to listen music of their own choice with their selected tracks of songs as per their moods, occasions, environmental needs with their playlists either online or offline.

As per the features highlighted in the above article, it will also prove entertaining for you, so I highly recommend the readers of the article to download this app from our website. Here is the link below to download the best Apk for your convenience and entertainment as well.

Dowload Yundex Music


Version Size Requirements Date
2916 - 4.9 20 MB 4.1 22/03/2022
2228 - 1.1 5 MB Android 4.4 plus 24/04/2021

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