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GB Wastspp Latest Version 12.1


GB Wasahp latest Version 2021 is a Status Saver & Chat for whatsapp and also is an application which got almost the same features as whats Tools App.
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March 21, 2021
6.0 and up
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One such important social media app is WhatsApp. WhatsApp is an application that has all the contacts. Thanks to the many features of the WhatsApp, it has introduced all the new features to its users. One such innovative application is the GB WhatsApp APK. Which informs its customers about all the new features and facilities.

As man has made tremendous progress thanks to technology in this modern age. One such example is social media. Thanks to which all distances have come to an end. Man has become closer to each other. There is an important benefit that has strengthened the relationship between human beings and another also play an important role in business affairs.

The latest features of the GB WhatsApp APK, which doesn’t have a double click show. Facilities in addition, you can ensure your security in the GB WhatsApp App.

The GB WhatsApp also introduces new themes. You can make your conversation more enjoyable by applying any theme of your choice.

Features Of GB WhatsAPP APK

With the latest features, the GB WhatsApp introduces a number of features to its underworld users, which are describe in detail below.

Instinctive Reply

Just like any app you use to make your time pleasant. But if it has innumerable interesting features then you can enjoy it more. One such feature in GB WhatsApp APK, there is a new feature of automatic rely in whtsapp. That is if you are busy with another application in your Android mobile, you will not have any problem in answering on WhatsApp. The GB WhatsApp makes your conversation easier.

DND Features

When you are an Android users, how can you not be aware of all its features. You will want to enjoy using more and more apps in your mobile at the same time. The app gives you the facility to use all the apps of your choice without any hassle. Yes, they are such that most of the time you are busy watching your favorite game or any app, and because of the messages of whatsApp you become disconnected from your app. But with the greatest feature of GB WhtsApp you can close your WhatsApp, which will not affect the app you are using. You can read your messages anytime you want.


Sometime we have to meet a new client for some business information, in this case WhatsApp plays an important role. It informs you about its features related to your live location and place. Informs you about right place. Whether you want to meet your friends or invite them to you. The GB WhatsApp lets you locate. And you get to the right place and at the right time without any problem. Similarly, if you have to meet a party in a business, it is not difficult for you now. No matter where you are. This feature of GB WhtsApp makes your journey and location easier now.

Excellent  Effects

Interest in anything is identified by its merits. We use countless apps every day. One of the fun and joy comes when we have applied the beauty, color and theme of this app in a good way. One such important feature has been introduced by GB WhatsApp , in it you will find all the themes and colors of your choice. Using which you can make your conversation more colorful. You can double the fun of talking to your friend.

Send Maximum Materiel

As Android users are made aware of all the features there, the GB WhatsApp introduces you to a great feature. We often give and take pictures and videos from our friends during our conversation. Because, it’s basically part of our chat. If we have a conversation about a job or education, so educational or business content is also shared. But the biggest problem is the limitation of sharing something. While, the great feature of the GB WhatsApp is that you can share as much as of your content as you want. IN this facility you can share up to 100 MB images, more than 100MB audio and more than 45 MB videos.

Download and cover status

While you have been introduced to the amazing feature of GB WhatsApp APK, you will also get more benefit from this app. Although WhatsApp is a successful app for you in every way. We can also download statuses from. This is an amazing feature. You can download the status of anyone, be it or videos.

In addition, the most important feature is that we can hide any of our status. Sometimes, we don’t want to show our status to anyone. In this sense, it is a successful application.   

What’s New About GB WhatsApp APK?

The great feature of GB WhatsApp introduces some features which are modern and a gift for its users. Thanks to GB Whtsapp , you can change the size of your fonts. And you can change the colors. In addition, you can see any of your chat history that you want to see again. If some has changed their picture, you will also get a notification. The most important features of it, there are many languages. You can talk to your friends in any language. This app offers the facility of more different languages.

How To Download GB WhatsApp

An amazing application that you have been informed about in detail. Download this Android app today and enjoy its features. GB WhatsApp which is a 44 MB file, has innumerable features. It is designed keeping in mind the interests and demands of its users. Install this app today and enjoy it. You can search the GB WhatsApp by visiting your play store. You can easily find it in the play store. In addition, you must have your Android mobile and a good Net connection.


One of the most fun and interesting apps for our users is the GB WhatsApp. This the app that bridges all our distances. In addition, we are very comfortable with its use. Its numerous facilities and benefits are of interests to us.

What's new

An amazing complementary app for your traditional GB's for WhatsApp


Version Size Requirements Date
2315 - 1.0 - 6.0 and up 21/03/2021
2916 - 4.9 20 MB 4.1 22/03/2022
2228 - 1.1 5 MB Android 4.4 plus 24/04/2021


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